Professional Consultation

Addiction is cunning and baffling and can consume a client’s life. Consultation is an opportunity for therapists and counselors to increase their understanding of how addiction is manifesting in their clients. Consultation can help you identify interventions and resources that you can link your clients to.

Consultation can be set up in one to two hour sessions, held in office or through Skype.


Refuge & Renewal: A Wilderness Workshop to Rekindle Your Spirit

An Experiential Weekend with 15.5 CEUs

A sense of identity, rootedness, and belonging can all be discovered and mirrored in the natural world. Realizing one’s place as a minute entity within a vast scheme of something much larger, can offer perspective, renewal and healing. Wilderness can re-introduce you to remnants of a world that is wild and free. Join us for a weekend of camping that offers transformative experiences to renew your personal connection to nature and landscape.

As therapists and counselors, renewal and self-care determines the therapeutic environment you bring to your clients. This weekend retreat offers 15.5 hours of CEU’s, while inviting you to participate in activities that stimulate your reconnection to nature. A tapestry of sandplay experiences, nature walks, art, mindfulness exercises, and storytelling will weave together during this retreat weekend.

Retreats will be held throughout the year. Please contact me at 408-504-5310, for specific retreats that you might be interested in.